Egg and Toast Cups

If you needed a new way to eat eggs and toast I have you covered here. The weekend is generally the only time I have to think up creative breakfast ideas seeing as I commute an hour to and from work during the week. This one isn’t quite revolutionary, but it is one that I only recently discovered and is slowly becoming a weekend morning breakfast staple. It’s pretty much as simple as cooking regular eggs and toast but is just slightly more interesting.


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Creamed Mushrooms and Leeks on Chive Buttered Toast

Sundays are always such a double-edged sword. It’s technically a day of the weekend but really sometimes it just feels like pre-Monday and anything to do with Monday is the worst. I rarely feel like making a big Sunday meal – partly because I usually have pigged out the rest of the weekend and also I’m just never in the mood. So today, simple luxury is the name of the game with this fancied up version of mushrooms on toast. I love it when earthy, humble ingredients come together to make something so tasty. I could eat the mushroom and leek mixture with a spoon – okay, I actually did eat some of it with a spoon. It’s just that good though.


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DIY Heart-Shaped Eggs and Toast

Valentines day is fast approaching and you’re probably thinking – oh crap I still have to go out and purchase something from the store….  Have no fear!  Even if you completely forget to get your special someone a gift, I have the perfect solution!  Why not make them heart shaped eggs and toast?! I (Candice) am a total sucker for Valentine’s day.  I’m not so much into the cards, it’s more small romantic gestures like this one that always put a smile on my face.

DIY Heart Eggs and Toast6

Guys – I can assure you your significant other would adore this small and super easy gesture. (Although personally I’d still like chocolate as a side gift! 😉 )

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