Sunshine Sips: Cocktail Recipe Roundup

It’s been a while since we’ve done a recipe round-up for drinks and I think its about time we had another one! With the warmer weather upon us here on the West coast I have been madly craving some cold refreshing cocktails. Luckily we have posted many here on ELP and so when I am feeling the need for one I look no further than our own blog for ideas. I thought it would be a good idea if we had them all together in one place. So here are some cocktails perfect for warmer weather.

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Strawberry Margarita

We are getting into strawberry season!! Woooohooooo so many strawberry things that I want to make!!!  Hey did you ever get a chance to check out my Strawberry Banana Loaf?  If not you totally should, it’s a good one!  Anyways as you know I really like tequila, and I love making new kinda of margaritas!  And now that strawberries are so plentiful and relatively inexpensive, I knew it was time to try something a little bit different and new!  Tadaaaa the strawberry margarita was born!  Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

Strawberry Margarita1

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Tequila Lime Ice Cream

Well Sonia may be eating healthier but apparently I’m not! I prefer to eat what I want and make up for at it at the gym instead!! 😉 I’m in a TRX class and a BOSU extreme cardio for the next 4 months, and man am I already sore!  I have sore muscles that I didn’t even know existed!!!  I got an ice cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer this past Christmas (thanks mommy!!). This was my first ever time making ice cream, I was actually quite scared it wouldn’t turn out. I knew I wanted to try making a flavor of ice cream I had never tried before so started my hunt for the perfect recipe! Unlike most, I still LOVE tequila, I have yet to ruin it for myself! Hence why I was so excited when I came across this recipe for tequila lime ice cream.  Andrew was so excited to try this that he was almost pushing me out of the way!! I didn’t even get a picture of the ice cream before it was all eaten!

Tequila Lime Ice Cream


Just kidding I did get a few photos :p

Tequila Lime Ice Cream1


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12 Days of Christmas Cocktails: Spiced Apple Margarita

On the eighth day of Christmas Cocktails, Everybody Loves Pretty gave to you, Spiced Apple Margarita, a cranberry martini, hot apple-cider floats, Chocolate Candy-Cane Martini, Spiced Cranberry Sangria, Spiked Coconut Chai Latte, Warm Mulled Wine, and a recipe for Rum and Eggnog.

I am a huge fan of tequila. It is definitely my drink of choice and can be mixed with many more things that I had originally thought! Having said that, naturally we needed to include a tequila-based drink when selecting Christmas cocktails. There are so many different Christmas flavors you could pair with tequila – think cranberry and pomegranate for instance! For this recipe I chose to use the classic winter flavour of apple to create a unique and delicious margarita. Who knew apple would go so well with tequila? It definitely does 🙂

Spiced Apple Margarita

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