Lemon Curd and Berry Mini Tarts

This is the first time I have ever made lemon curd… And tart shells for that matter.  Thankfully, both were surprisingly successful!  There are so many things you can do with lemon curd, which gets me quite excited, especially because I now know how easy it is to make it!  I bought a gorgeous large bag of lemons from the grocery store the other day, and got totally inspired to start creating!  Naturally I knew I had to finally try making these lemon curd tarts!

Lemon Berry Tarts5

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Blackberry Gin Fizz

What is with me, another cocktail? Two cocktail recipes in the past week? Well anyone who knows me knows that I love a good drink. Usually, however I settle for wine or beer because it’s both easy and delicious. However, this warmer weather is definitely calling for some cocktails on the deck. Nevermind that my deck overlooks a back alley with a bunch of trash disposals in it, the sun still shines there. We were pretty excited about the idea of having a little deck when we found the place but underestimated how little time we would want to spend out there due to the location. Regardless, it’s gin fizz time.


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Raspberry Gelato

Remember when I told you I got an ice cream maker for Christmas?  Well it’s time to whip it out again!!!  Hurray for warm weather!  The last time I used my ice cream maker was to make this Tequila Lime Ice Cream, which I can tell you for sure that I will be making again!  Actually I totally already have tehee… What can I say I have a serious weakness for delicious ice cream! Especially when there is tequila involved!

Raspberry Gelato8

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