Summer Festivities: Recipe Roundup

Ok so I know we just had the June roundup yesterday, but with today being Canada Day and 4th of July on Friday, it seemed necessary to do another one based on recipes that are perfect for summer festivities.  Summer is definitely my favourite time of year, I have always dreamed about living in a place that gets sun and warmth all year round.  Luckily, Vancouver has surprisingly somewhat met this dream of mine this year.  Maybe not so warm, but our weather has been great. Exactly one year ago today I moved into a new apartment in a new city and just over a year ago I started a new job.  With all the changes that happened, I felt like I really didn’t get to enjoy summer 2013 as much as I could have.  So here is to making the most of the summer this year with some great recipes at your fingertips!

Mediterranean Turkey Burgers3

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Joyful June: Recipe Roundup

Another monthly roundup and another exciting month over here at ELP. One of the biggest events to happen blog-wise was being featured on the Huffington Post. What a huge, huge honour this was for us. On a more personal level, for those of you who don’t know Candice has been off road-tripping / camping this month and got engaged along the way! MASSIVE congratulations to the happy couple. Needless to say it’s been a good one for us on all fronts and now on to the most popular posts.

Cauliflour Fritters6

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Cinco De Mayo Recipe Roundup

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! While this is a holiday that isn’t really celebrated that extensively in Canada, we have a variety of Mexican recipes that we wanted to share for this celebration. I’ve actually been in the States for a few Cinco De Mayo’s and I know that in certain States especially it is a big party. Also, who doesn’t love Margaritas, tacos and nachos right? We definitely do and I’m sure many of you reading this love these recipes just as much. It’s time for a Mexican fiesta people!

Strawberry Margarita3

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Amazing April: Recipe Roundup

Sometimes it feels like days are going by so slowly and sometimes you wake up feeling like yesterday was the first day of the year and it’s actually May.  That happened to me this morning.  I am so close to have been living and working in Vancouver for a year and yet I still feel like a newbie.  We’re going through some sort of heat wave here at the moment (24 degrees in April constitutes a heat wave in West Coast Canada) and I am LOVING it.  If today is a predictor for the rest of May it is sure to be a beautiful spring.  Of course as any Vancouverite knows, it could be raining in 5 minutes however I have a feeling we could be in for a lovely spring/summer.  While the weather wasn’t as great in April it was still an amazing month over here at Everybody Loves Pretty.  We continue to be exceedingly grateful for all the support and comment/like/follow love we’re getting over here.  So AGAIN (you’ll hear it a lot) thank you!

Quinoa Spinach Omelette Bites4

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Easter Roundup

Happy Easter everyone! Whether you celebrate or not it’s always nice to have a few recipe ideas for holidays. Even for one’s that I don’t really celebrate I still like to make something special. My parents are away this Easter so Adam and I are actually in Portland for the weekend. We probably won’t be having any Easter type meal this weekend but if I was cooking one, these are some of the recipes I would look to!

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St. Patricks Day: Recipe Roundup

Are you feeling a little green today?  That could be because it’s St. Patrick’s Day!  One thing I have never tried but always wanted to is green eggs and ham!  That Dr. Seuss book was one of my favorites when I was a child, especially on St. Patrick’s day.  So if you are having a couple friends over and are looking for a couple green treats, check out the list we have compiled here.  We’ve got an entire day of our finest green foods planned out for you so you can try to eat something green!

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Valentines Day: Recipe Roundup

Happy Valentines day dear readers! I just read an article on the top 10 things you should do on valentines day.  I will not be with my boyfriend, so I will have to make due with the love from my family!  While looking through this list of top 10 things, I see very few that I can actually do with my family… Reenact your first date…. nope; make a path of rose pedals… definitely not.  One of the items on the list however is to do some form of physical activity with your loved one.  Perfect, that’s one I am up for!  We will be taking a lovely hike along the beach today!  You may have noticed a few lovely heart shaped posts here at ELP – we are so excited to share with you some wonderful Valentines day recipes for the people you love!  When I think of valentines day, I think about sweet treats!  So here are a few sweet treats to curb your Valentine’s day sweet tooth.

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