Tricolour Pasta Primavera with Roasted Vegetables and Parmesan

I love finding a good vegetarian recipe. Meatless Mondays are becoming a regular occurrence in this house hold. I find that they are even better when they contain pasta. I found these little tri coloured rotinis and thought they were super fun! Who doesn’t like coloured pasta that’s spiral design!  This makes both a great hot and cold pasta as well, so you can make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge!

Tricolour Pasta Primavera with Roasted Vegetables and Parmesan

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Vegetarian Whole Wheat Penne

This is another one of those Meatless Monday meals. The best part about this Meatless Monday meal is that it is quick and easy! Yup, just like ripping a bandaid off super quick!! Urgh except with no pain…. Unless you burn yourself of course… Not that I do that…. Ok yeah I burnt myself, but just a little bit – not nearly as bad as last time!!  Hey, everybody makes mistakes!
Vegetarian Whole Wheat Penne3

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Curried Quinoa and Asparagus Salad

Ok so you already know about the health benefits of quinoa, and asparagus, and probably chick peas, and obviously an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Ya Ya Candice we know already!! Well this salad really has it all then!!! If you are looking for a fabulous meatless Monday meal then here it is! This salad is packed with protein, vitamins and everything good for you! Just looking at the salad makes my mouth water. Then again I’m a sucker for anything with quinoa… and asparagus for that matter 🙂

Curried Quinoa and Asparagus Salad1


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Cauliflower Fritters

When I was little, my dad would always make hash browns with our Saturday breakfasts (with eggs of course).  I hated hash browns. Weird right?  Especially since I love potatoes in pretty much every shape and form.  Needless to say I have grown to enjoy them, but prefer when they are made fresh, and especially when they are little patties made from shredded potato.  These are much healthier than the traditional hash browns, and I think would pair perfectly with some good old fried eggs and toast!

Cauliflour Fritters6

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Sweet Potato and Chipotle Soup

It’s been a long few days of eating soft things, but this soup definitely makes eating nothing but mush quite tolerable. This soup is super creamy, but not from cream – from blended yam/sweet potato!  Blending up vegetables in soup actually gives soups that smooth and velvety consistency that is found when using cream.  Blending up the veggies is a much healthier way to ensure you do not loose that delicious creamy texture.  I also love how thick this soup is – very filling, especially when paired with your favorite bread!
Sweet Potato Chopotle Soup8

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Meatless Monday: Recipe Roundup

So for those of you who don’t know, I had my wisdom teeth removed last Friday. Which means I’ve been eating a whole lot of mushy food for the past few days. I’m talkin’ mashed potato, mashed banana, mushy chicken noodle soup, jello, ice cream etc. So needless to say I really haven’t made anything exciting. Apart from being in a bit of mild pain, I have had no appetite for mushy things, and instead spend my time daydreaming about all the crunchy food I could be eating!! First, I want to eat a salad!!! I miss crunching down on delicious kale, and other crisp veggies. Because I am unable to decide on just one delicious morceau of food, I give you a whole recipe roundup of vegetarian delights to celebrate Meatless Monday!!

Quinoa Black Bean Salad

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Spring Tabbouleh

So I am back in Victoria and getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow.  Hurray… Yup, starting tomorrow I will be on a strictly liquid diet!  I will not be enjoying any of this spring tabbouleh I just made, instead I will be stuck eating broths, ice cream and jello… Maybe a few mashed potatoes in there as well.   How many of you have had your wisdom teeth out?  Did it hurt!? Please say no 😉  

Spring Tabbouleh4
The one thing I miss about living in an apartment that faces north is that I do not get any sun on my balcony.  Not only do I not have a garden, but it makes it slightly difficult to grow any sort of plant on my deck.  Sure I have a few herbs, but they don’t thrive nearly as well as if they had a bit of sun!
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Guest Post: Bon Appét’Eat’s Ratatouille

Today is a very exciting day!  We get to share with you a post from our favorite emerging Canadian food blogger Bon Appét’Eat!! Now I’m not simply just suggesting that you go check out  Bon Appét’Eat‘s site, I’m telling you you MUST go check it out because it is absolutely, magnificently wonderful!  Mélanie makes some amazing food, and knows just how to photograph it so that it looks mouth wateringly delicious.  I love blogging because it introduces you to some amazing people who share (in this case) a love of food!  I am so happy to have met Mélanie through the blogging world, and even happier to see all her delicious food creations!

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Avocado, Mango and Coconut Salad

Another Meatless Monday recipe for all those who go vegetarian one day a week or everyday! This recipe is actually vegan and oh so delicious. I always have this thought in my mind that one day I’ll go completely vegan and be able to do it properly. I do believe that if you are able to achieve the balance of a proper vegan diet that it can be the healthiest diet there is. I wouldn’t have a problem giving up meat, but it would be really hard for this cheese lover to live without dairy products. It’s also not the cheapest and at this point I just don’t think it’s feasible for me. However, I think I can do it one day a week so I’m moving towards a vegan Meatless Monday now instead of just vegetarian. This Avocado, Mango and Coconut salad is one of my favorite newest creations!


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Black Bean and Mango Tacos

Two Christmas’s ago I went to visit my boyfriend’s brother in Costa Rica with his family.  What an amazing trip that was!  I loved how many hummingbirds there were!!  You could literally walk down a path away from the city and see toucans just hanging out in the trees!  The colours of the birds and plants and everything around were so bright and vibrant!  I got some great photos of sloths hanging from a tree, and let me tell you – they move a lot more than you think!!

Black Bean and Mango Tacos2

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