Fresh Whiskey Sour

Happy Friday!!  What better way to celebrate than with an adorable cocktail!  It`s been a very warm and sunny week here in Vancouver.  Temperatures have reached around 25 degrees Celsius the past few days, crazy right?! But hey I am not complaining, and instead celebrating with a refreshing cocktail!  As I’ve said before, I love sour! Lemons, limes, grapefruit,  you name it, I’ll eat it 🙂 Plus what screams summer better than fresh lemon aid!   I not only enjoy putting these sour fruits in desserts (as seen in my Lemon Chia Seed Muffins, or my Tequila Lime Ice Cream) but also in my drinks!  I’m a real Canadian girl and definitely love my whiskey and beer.  It was only natural for me to make a fresh whiskey sour to combine my love of sour with my love of whiskey!

Fresh Whiskey Sour2

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