Cinco De Mayo Recipe Roundup

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! While this is a holiday that isn’t really celebrated that extensively in Canada, we have a variety of Mexican recipes that we wanted to share for this celebration. I’ve actually been in the States for a few Cinco De Mayo’s and I know that in certain States especially it is a big party. Also, who doesn’t love Margaritas, tacos and nachos right? We definitely do and I’m sure many of you reading this love these recipes just as much. It’s time for a Mexican fiesta people!

Strawberry Margarita3

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Strawberry Margarita

We are getting into strawberry season!! Woooohooooo so many strawberry things that I want to make!!!  Hey did you ever get a chance to check out my Strawberry Banana Loaf?  If not you totally should, it’s a good one!  Anyways as you know I really like tequila, and I love making new kinda of margaritas!  And now that strawberries are so plentiful and relatively inexpensive, I knew it was time to try something a little bit different and new!  Tadaaaa the strawberry margarita was born!  Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

Strawberry Margarita1

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