Tricolour Pasta Primavera with Roasted Vegetables and Parmesan

I love finding a good vegetarian recipe. Meatless Mondays are becoming a regular occurrence in this house hold. I find that they are even better when they contain pasta. I found these little tri coloured rotinis and thought they were super fun! Who doesn’t like coloured pasta that’s spiral design!  This makes both a great hot and cold pasta as well, so you can make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge!

Tricolour Pasta Primavera with Roasted Vegetables and Parmesan

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Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore

I’ve had a couple people request that I do more crock pot recipes. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like crock pot recipes. They are quick and easy and you can just throw everything in a pot and go out for the day and come home to an amazing smelling kitchen and a ready-to-eat meal! It’s almost like having a personal chef, you just have to tell it what to cook and give it the ingredients!  I love using my crock pot as much as I possibly can so that I don’t have to spend a ton of time in the kitchen.

Chicken Caccetori4

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Jamaican Jerk Salmon Bowl

Today, I was feeling super tropical.  It could be due to the fact that it’s suuuuper warm in Vancouver, or due to the fact that some days I just crave tropical food!  Take these Black Bean and Mango Tacos for example.  I was definitely in a tropical foodie mood when I whipped that one up!  I love the crazy flavours found in Jamaican Jerk Chicken, but sadly I didn’t have any chicken in my fridge/freezer.  So instead, I used salmon!!(Is salmon considered meat?) Sound like a winning combination?  It totally was!

Jamacian Jerk Salmon2

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Vegetarian Whole Wheat Penne

This is another one of those Meatless Monday meals. The best part about this Meatless Monday meal is that it is quick and easy! Yup, just like ripping a bandaid off super quick!! Urgh except with no pain…. Unless you burn yourself of course… Not that I do that…. Ok yeah I burnt myself, but just a little bit – not nearly as bad as last time!!  Hey, everybody makes mistakes!
Vegetarian Whole Wheat Penne3

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Curried Quinoa and Asparagus Salad

Ok so you already know about the health benefits of quinoa, and asparagus, and probably chick peas, and obviously an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Ya Ya Candice we know already!! Well this salad really has it all then!!! If you are looking for a fabulous meatless Monday meal then here it is! This salad is packed with protein, vitamins and everything good for you! Just looking at the salad makes my mouth water. Then again I’m a sucker for anything with quinoa… and asparagus for that matter 🙂

Curried Quinoa and Asparagus Salad1


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Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas with Pico de Gallo

There is this little Mexican taco place right next to my apartment that is SOOO good.  If you ever go to Vancouver, you must check out La Taqueria!  Considering I could probably go there every night and not get tired of the deliciousness, I decided I must begin making them myself so I don’t break the bank.  I’m actually not one to eat out because I love experimenting in the kitchen, but this taco place is just so good!  So, this is my version of pork Carnitas.  And what better way to make pork than in the crock pot!  These tacos are super easy to make, which makes them even more enjoyable to eat!

Pork Carnitas w Pico de Gallo3

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Sweet Potato and Chipotle Soup

It’s been a long few days of eating soft things, but this soup definitely makes eating nothing but mush quite tolerable. This soup is super creamy, but not from cream – from blended yam/sweet potato!  Blending up vegetables in soup actually gives soups that smooth and velvety consistency that is found when using cream.  Blending up the veggies is a much healthier way to ensure you do not loose that delicious creamy texture.  I also love how thick this soup is – very filling, especially when paired with your favorite bread!
Sweet Potato Chopotle Soup8

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Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! Can you tell I’m a bit excited about that? After two short weeks I have to admit this one seems to have dragged on a bit and I am pretty ecstatic that it’s the weekend and I get to sleep in / do whatever the heck I want.  If you haven’t noticed yet, I (Sonia) am a big fan of decadent food.  That being said I am starting the Wild Rose Detox next week as I’ve been on a bit of an indulgence spree lately (this post being one of those indulgences). Not that I’m saying it’s bad to treat yourself once in a while, but there should be a limit to it. I’m hoping this detox, which I have done before and felt amazing after, will kick start me back on the healthy train. I personally like it because you can still eat a limited diet. I don’t know how I really feel about cleanses that are super restricted and only allow you to eat/drink one particular thing. For now, however, I’m going to enjoy deliciousness such as this apple bacon grilled cheese.


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Black Bean and Mango Tacos

Two Christmas’s ago I went to visit my boyfriend’s brother in Costa Rica with his family.  What an amazing trip that was!  I loved how many hummingbirds there were!!  You could literally walk down a path away from the city and see toucans just hanging out in the trees!  The colours of the birds and plants and everything around were so bright and vibrant!  I got some great photos of sloths hanging from a tree, and let me tell you – they move a lot more than you think!!

Black Bean and Mango Tacos2

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Quinoa Broccoli Casserole

So clearly we’re big Quinoa haters here at ELP. Honestly I personally don’t even keep rice in my house. I was never a big fan and when Quinoa started to become more popular it just made sense to me to eat a grain that was actually healthy for you versus empty calories of white rice. Don’t get me wrong, rice totally has it’s place but most recipes can be substituted with Quinoa and I think most of the time it tastes better and fills you up more. Anyways, how annoyed are you getting with everyone praising Quinoa all the time? I think I’ve said it about 5 times so far in this intro alone so let’s just get to the good stuff, shall we?


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