Classic Green Juice

At the request of yours truly, Adam and I acquired a juicer quite a while back from his parents who had one they weren’t using. As to be expected, this turned out to be another one of my failed plans at actually juicing fruits and vegetables for quite a long time. Like a lot of other people I’m sure, after seeing Fat Sick and Nearly Dead I had become very interested in the idea of at least incorporating vegetable juice into my daily life if not going on a complete juice fast at some point. Recently though Adam has expressed interest in doing this and, like many things, a cleanse or fast is much easier to do if you have a partner doing it as well. So while we’re not on the juice fast yet we have been experimenting for when the time comes. I have to say, this green juice was much more tolerable than I had expected it to be and dare I say it – actually good? I may recant that when it’s the only thing I’m drinking for a week but for now, I’ll stick to it. If you’re not a believer, give it a try yourself and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


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Spring Time Watermelon Sangria

Sangria is a great year-round drink for entertaining. I love that there are so many types of sangria that can be made throughout the seasons. Although sangria is great in the winter due to all the delicious cranberries, I quite like it in the summer because there is always so much fruit! Back in the winter, Sonia made this awesome and super delicious Spiced Cranberry Sangria – I figured it was time for a new spring sangria recipe!

Watermelon Sangria5

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Sunshine Sips: Cocktail Recipe Roundup

It’s been a while since we’ve done a recipe round-up for drinks and I think its about time we had another one! With the warmer weather upon us here on the West coast I have been madly craving some cold refreshing cocktails. Luckily we have posted many here on ELP and so when I am feeling the need for one I look no further than our own blog for ideas. I thought it would be a good idea if we had them all together in one place. So here are some cocktails perfect for warmer weather.

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Fresh Whiskey Sour

Happy Friday!!  What better way to celebrate than with an adorable cocktail!  It`s been a very warm and sunny week here in Vancouver.  Temperatures have reached around 25 degrees Celsius the past few days, crazy right?! But hey I am not complaining, and instead celebrating with a refreshing cocktail!  As I’ve said before, I love sour! Lemons, limes, grapefruit,  you name it, I’ll eat it 🙂 Plus what screams summer better than fresh lemon aid!   I not only enjoy putting these sour fruits in desserts (as seen in my Lemon Chia Seed Muffins, or my Tequila Lime Ice Cream) but also in my drinks!  I’m a real Canadian girl and definitely love my whiskey and beer.  It was only natural for me to make a fresh whiskey sour to combine my love of sour with my love of whiskey!

Fresh Whiskey Sour2

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Blackberry Gin Fizz

What is with me, another cocktail? Two cocktail recipes in the past week? Well anyone who knows me knows that I love a good drink. Usually, however I settle for wine or beer because it’s both easy and delicious. However, this warmer weather is definitely calling for some cocktails on the deck. Nevermind that my deck overlooks a back alley with a bunch of trash disposals in it, the sun still shines there. We were pretty excited about the idea of having a little deck when we found the place but underestimated how little time we would want to spend out there due to the location. Regardless, it’s gin fizz time.


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Cucumber Grapefruit Cocktails

There is something about cucumber in a drink that I absolutely love.  It seems weird right, how could a vegetable make a cocktail taste good? But it adds a sort of freshness that you don’t get from anything else.  I love it in water as well.  Grapefruit is something I didn’t start loving until recently and now I can’t get enough of.  If you’re not a grapefruit fan, which I know many people aren’t, you may try substituting lemon or lime in this recipe.  I think both would be absolutely fabulous.


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Strawberry Margarita

We are getting into strawberry season!! Woooohooooo so many strawberry things that I want to make!!!  Hey did you ever get a chance to check out my Strawberry Banana Loaf?  If not you totally should, it’s a good one!  Anyways as you know I really like tequila, and I love making new kinda of margaritas!  And now that strawberries are so plentiful and relatively inexpensive, I knew it was time to try something a little bit different and new!  Tadaaaa the strawberry margarita was born!  Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

Strawberry Margarita1

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Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie

As if you haven’t seen the strawberry cheesecake smoothie floating around pinterest, right? I mean if you have Pinterest and it hasn’t come up on your feed at least once I’d be shocked. Cheesecake is something I love far far too much. After trying this recipe and modifying it to make it (slightly) healthier I now have an alternative which I may even go so far as to say is equally as delicious as the baked kind. Even with the substitutes you still probably shouldn’t be eating this everyday but trust me, you’ll want to.


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Skinny Oreo Milkshake

Ever since I tried this skinny chocolate milkshake back in February I’ve been obsessed with using bananas as ice cream. It really does become the texture of ice cream and as a bonus is actually healthy for you. I’ve always loved Oreo blizzards and Mcflurrys but I try to stay away from fast food places all-together. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fast food meal. This is the exact reason I must stay away – because I love it a little too much no matter how bad for you I know it is. However, this new-found banana as a replacement for ice cream obsession of mine was the perfect canvas for a tasty Oreo treat. Here it is – the skinny Oreo milkshake!


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Jasmine Green Tea Chia Bubble Tea

Living Vancouver means one thing: lots of bubble tea!!! I love bubble tea and have always loved bubble tea. Some people need a long time to get used to the texture but I have always been a fan! I have never actually seen (or looked for) boba pearls, but had an idea for a substitute… Remember my rant about chia seeds seen a few weeks back with Chia Seed Pudding well I’ve found another use for them! They make the perfect little pearls for bubble tea!
Jasmine Green Tea Chia Bubble Tea

These are much smaller “pearls” than the traditional bubble tea, so they make a great alternative for people who are new to bubble tea.

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