Shrimp and Grits

Adam and I did a road trip from Vancouver down to Texas just over a year ago now after I had graduated University.  We had an amazing time travelling through Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and last but not least Texas.  We are both big fans of Southern cooking.  I love how everything is full fat, full flavour and without apologies.  It truly is what I would classify as the ultimate soul/comfort food.  Now, having said that we are no professionals at cooking it ourselves.  Luckily we have experts like Bobby Flay to help us out on that one.


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Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Potatoes are something I could take or leave but I come from a somewhat meat and potatoes kind of family and now have a meat and potatoes kind of boyfriend. So basically I’ve been eating them all my life regardless. One of the most delicious and interesting ways I’ve found to cook them is by smashing them. Sounds a little strange right? The increased surface area crisps the potato up to perfection and makes it probably my favourite way to eat a potato.



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Feel Good Friday – Recipe Roundup

We’re about half and half on this blog – half of the time we post really healthy recipes and the other half not so much. While it is important to have a healthy diet it is also not sustainable for most people to eat healthy ALL the time. I know for me personally, I eat really well during the week but on the weekends it’s a free-for-all.  It’s definitely not possible for most people to eat healthy ALL the time, but I would like to get out of the habit of eating really poorly on the weekend. I thought I would do a little round-up of some healthy recipes on this Friday to encourage myself and hopefully some of you to eat healthy even though it is the weekend.

Quinoa Spinach Omelette Bites5

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Pesto Risotto

Okay so I know I just posted a risotto recipe not too long ago but once I find something that’s good I tend to stick to it and once I am confident with it, mix up the flavours a little bit. If the last one was really good then this one was really really ridiculously good. The flavours of pesto incorporated make a super interesting variation without overpowering the creamy wonderful risotto. I had it again as leftovers for lunch afterwords and it was just as good. This will be one recipe that I will make again and again and again. Okay, you’re tired of me amping this recipe up right? Me too, so lets get too it.


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Classic Green Juice

At the request of yours truly, Adam and I acquired a juicer quite a while back from his parents who had one they weren’t using. As to be expected, this turned out to be another one of my failed plans at actually juicing fruits and vegetables for quite a long time. Like a lot of other people I’m sure, after seeing Fat Sick and Nearly Dead I had become very interested in the idea of at least incorporating vegetable juice into my daily life if not going on a complete juice fast at some point. Recently though Adam has expressed interest in doing this and, like many things, a cleanse or fast is much easier to do if you have a partner doing it as well. So while we’re not on the juice fast yet we have been experimenting for when the time comes. I have to say, this green juice was much more tolerable than I had expected it to be and dare I say it – actually good? I may recant that when it’s the only thing I’m drinking for a week but for now, I’ll stick to it. If you’re not a believer, give it a try yourself and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


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Creamy Tomato Soup with Mini Grilled Cheese

Nothing is better when you’re sick than a good old classic comfort food, right? Luckily I haven’t been sick this week (knocking on wood as I type this) but unfortunately Adam has.  Soup and grilled cheese have always been a go-to for me when I am sick.  So I decided to be a nice girlfriend this week and make some for the sicky in the house.  Want to know something really weird about me? I love tomatoes, like absolutely and completely love them but I am not generally a big fan of any kind of sauce or soup made from tomatoes.  I still eat tomato sauce and tomato soup frequently though just because it’s such a staple and hard to avoid.  Adding a little cream and spice to this tomato soup made it into something that I actually really enjoyed.


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Piña Colada Oatmeal

I have to admit, when it comes to breakfast I usually just stick with boring old cereal and milk. Clearly not the healthiest of choices, unless you’re willing to eat the cereal that tastes like food not meant for humans. I’ve become more open to the idea that oatmeal is a better option over the years, however regular old oatmeal is not the most interesting when eating it on the daily. I love all the flavors of a pina colada so I thought – why not make an easy breakfast out of it? It turned out just as good as I had hoped and on the plus side is super easy.


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Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes

Welcome to our 200th post, I can’t believe we’ve made it to this milestone already! My parents recently got back from Hawaii and brought me some irresistible macadamia nuts. When I was over visiting at their house this weekend we decided to whip up some banana macadamia nut pancakes with them and man were they good. I could go for pancakes of any kind, any time of day but if you’re looking for a special treat one weekend I highly recommend these fluffy cakes of goodness.


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Easy Mushroom Risotto

Well, what an exciting day for us over here at ELP! One of Candice’s posts was featured on The Kitchn which has brought in a huge influx of viewers. If you haven’t checked out The Kitchn yet you really should – it is a daily web magazine celebrating kitchen design and home cooking. I (S) personally check it out all the time so to find that one of our posts was featured was super exciting! Okay so that’s enough gushing about that for now, I’m here today to share with you some “easy” mushroom risotto. The quotation marks are because anyone who’s made risotto knows that it’s never really easy. I am by no means an expert, but I have made it a few times and it always has turned out pretty damn good to my standards. If it’s something you are thinking about trying this is definitely a good beginners version and it’s adapted from Giada so you know it’ll be tasty.



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Coconut Chips Two Ways

Coconut chips are my latest obsession.  If you are a fan of coconut and you haven’t tried these yet, you are in for a tasty surprise.  Adam and I are in Portland this weekend and I decided to make some healthy snacks for the road.  It’s always tempting when you’re driving a long distance to stop for fast food or gas station snacks.  Although it doesn’t always happen, I prefer to be prepared with some healthy snacks so that we can just get to where we’re going and feel good when we get there.


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