Ginger Beef Kabobs with Grilled Vegetables

The best part about summer evenings is totally BBQing!!  Thankfully, our apartment in Vancouver has quite a decent sized balcony which is perfect for BBQing dinners!  We have BBQed Mediterranean Turkey Sliders a while back, and look forward to doing more grilling as the summer progresses!  We don’t have the most amazing barbeque, but hey it works!  And man were these Ginger Beef Kabobs ever delicious!  I like my beef slightly more on the medium-rare side, and these were cooked perfectly!
Ginger Beef Kabobs with Grilled Vegetables3

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Piña Colada Popsicles

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure why I am apparently obsessed with piña colada flavors lately but apparently I am because this is the second recipe I’ve posted within a week that has that theme. I mean I like the flavors but I don’t want you to think all I do is sit around thinking about piña colada’s all the time because that might seem a bit strange. I will say this though, I do love coconut milk and I strive to use it whenever possible. If you go back and look at my recipes you will find that quite a few contain it. There’s just endless things you can make and I intend on making every single one apparently. I made these popsicles alcohol-free and now I’m not sure why because I could really go for a boozy one. You can definitely add rum if desired, in fact I would encourage it!


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Creamy Tomato Soup with Mini Grilled Cheese

Nothing is better when you’re sick than a good old classic comfort food, right? Luckily I haven’t been sick this week (knocking on wood as I type this) but unfortunately Adam has.  Soup and grilled cheese have always been a go-to for me when I am sick.  So I decided to be a nice girlfriend this week and make some for the sicky in the house.  Want to know something really weird about me? I love tomatoes, like absolutely and completely love them but I am not generally a big fan of any kind of sauce or soup made from tomatoes.  I still eat tomato sauce and tomato soup frequently though just because it’s such a staple and hard to avoid.  Adding a little cream and spice to this tomato soup made it into something that I actually really enjoyed.


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Spring Time Watermelon Sangria

Sangria is a great year-round drink for entertaining. I love that there are so many types of sangria that can be made throughout the seasons. Although sangria is great in the winter due to all the delicious cranberries, I quite like it in the summer because there is always so much fruit! Back in the winter, Sonia made this awesome and super delicious Spiced Cranberry Sangria – I figured it was time for a new spring sangria recipe!

Watermelon Sangria5

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Chocolate Almond Coconut Date Balls

I used to hate dates, like really really dislike them.  I didn’t like date squares, raw dates, you name it, if it had dates in it I did not like it.  Over the years, I find that your taste buds evolve and you start liking things you used to hate.  This is why in my opinion, it is important to continually try different foods to ensure you don’t like it, and not just that you don’t like the idea of it.  Recently, Ii re-discovered that I actually love dates!  And these chocolate almond coconut date balls are proof of that.  I suppose they don’t taste overly date-like, but hey they are a start, and man are they delicious!

Chocolate Almond Coconut Date Balls1

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Pork Chops with Golden Apple Sauce

As I have said before I am not really a big meat eater. On the whole, I make mostly vegetarian meals for myself but if someone else is cooking then I am happy to eat most kinds of meat. I have to admit, Adam is actually responsible for this recipe (well actually Rachael Ray is but he recreated it). Looking through the pictures has me convinced that I should really let him do more of the cooking around here. He’s going to love hearing that I’m sure.


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Piña Colada Oatmeal

I have to admit, when it comes to breakfast I usually just stick with boring old cereal and milk. Clearly not the healthiest of choices, unless you’re willing to eat the cereal that tastes like food not meant for humans. I’ve become more open to the idea that oatmeal is a better option over the years, however regular old oatmeal is not the most interesting when eating it on the daily. I love all the flavors of a pina colada so I thought – why not make an easy breakfast out of it? It turned out just as good as I had hoped and on the plus side is super easy.


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Chili, Cheddar and Green Onion Scones

Lately I have been slightly obsessed with scones.  There is something about that light and flakey texture that I can’t seem to get enough of!  Especially when my scones are loaded with cheese!!  I mean don’t get me wrong I do love a good sweet scone every now and then, but these savory and slightly spicy scones are da bomb!!  Not to mention cheese makes everything taste better…  It also helps that the people I’m living with love cheese too, and ensures I don’t eat all of the scones to myself.

Chili Cheddar Scones with Green Onion2

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Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas with Pico de Gallo

There is this little Mexican taco place right next to my apartment that is SOOO good.  If you ever go to Vancouver, you must check out La Taqueria!  Considering I could probably go there every night and not get tired of the deliciousness, I decided I must begin making them myself so I don’t break the bank.  I’m actually not one to eat out because I love experimenting in the kitchen, but this taco place is just so good!  So, this is my version of pork Carnitas.  And what better way to make pork than in the crock pot!  These tacos are super easy to make, which makes them even more enjoyable to eat!

Pork Carnitas w Pico de Gallo3

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Roasted Salmon with Apple Butter Sauce

We don’t normally eat a lot fish around here but when we do it’s usually Salmon. We’re lucky to have a lot of local Salmon here in BC, and though I am by no means an expert on fishing or Salmon I know that it tastes pretty darn good and fresh. Salmon is also one of the healthiest fish to eat that is rich in Omega 3 acids and Vitamin D among other nutrients. Basically it is something that should be more a part of my diet. Butter sauce, maybe not so much – but I have to be honest, I am not much of a Salmon fan in general. This sauce turns a fish that I’m not actually super crazy about into something that I am.


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