Raspberry Gelato

Remember when I told you I got an ice cream maker for Christmas?  Well it’s time to whip it out again!!!  Hurray for warm weather!  The last time I used my ice cream maker was to make this Tequila Lime Ice Cream, which I can tell you for sure that I will be making again!  Actually I totally already have tehee… What can I say I have a serious weakness for delicious ice cream! Especially when there is tequila involved!

Raspberry Gelato8

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Guest Post: Bon Appét’Eat’s Ratatouille

Today is a very exciting day!  We get to share with you a post from our favorite emerging Canadian food blogger Bon Appét’Eat!! Now I’m not simply just suggesting that you go check out  Bon Appét’Eat‘s site, I’m telling you you MUST go check it out because it is absolutely, magnificently wonderful!  Mélanie makes some amazing food, and knows just how to photograph it so that it looks mouth wateringly delicious.  I love blogging because it introduces you to some amazing people who share (in this case) a love of food!  I am so happy to have met Mélanie through the blogging world, and even happier to see all her delicious food creations!

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Avocado, Mango and Coconut Salad

Another Meatless Monday recipe for all those who go vegetarian one day a week or everyday! This recipe is actually vegan and oh so delicious. I always have this thought in my mind that one day I’ll go completely vegan and be able to do it properly. I do believe that if you are able to achieve the balance of a proper vegan diet that it can be the healthiest diet there is. I wouldn’t have a problem giving up meat, but it would be really hard for this cheese lover to live without dairy products. It’s also not the cheapest and at this point I just don’t think it’s feasible for me. However, I think I can do it one day a week so I’m moving towards a vegan Meatless Monday now instead of just vegetarian. This Avocado, Mango and Coconut salad is one of my favorite newest creations!


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Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie

As if you haven’t seen the strawberry cheesecake smoothie floating around pinterest, right? I mean if you have Pinterest and it hasn’t come up on your feed at least once I’d be shocked. Cheesecake is something I love far far too much. After trying this recipe and modifying it to make it (slightly) healthier I now have an alternative which I may even go so far as to say is equally as delicious as the baked kind. Even with the substitutes you still probably shouldn’t be eating this everyday but trust me, you’ll want to.


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Black Bean and Mango Tacos

Two Christmas’s ago I went to visit my boyfriend’s brother in Costa Rica with his family.  What an amazing trip that was!  I loved how many hummingbirds there were!!  You could literally walk down a path away from the city and see toucans just hanging out in the trees!  The colours of the birds and plants and everything around were so bright and vibrant!  I got some great photos of sloths hanging from a tree, and let me tell you – they move a lot more than you think!!

Black Bean and Mango Tacos2

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Lemon Chia Seed Muffins

Lemon desserts are often my favorite desserts. Especially when the weather gets warmer. When I was a little girl, I always used to eat raw sliced lemons that came with your water at restaurants. I remember my grandpa always asking how I could possibly stand to have them in my mouth as they are so sour, but for some reason I just loved it – and still do! I am always sure to squeeze a bit of lemon in my water bottle every day so that my water goes down just a bit easier without the added sugar!

Lemon Chia Seed Muffins1

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Quinoa Broccoli Casserole

So clearly we’re big Quinoa haters here at ELP. Honestly I personally don’t even keep rice in my house. I was never a big fan and when Quinoa started to become more popular it just made sense to me to eat a grain that was actually healthy for you versus empty calories of white rice. Don’t get me wrong, rice totally has it’s place but most recipes can be substituted with Quinoa and I think most of the time it tastes better and fills you up more. Anyways, how annoyed are you getting with everyone praising Quinoa all the time? I think I’ve said it about 5 times so far in this intro alone so let’s just get to the good stuff, shall we?


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Frisée and Grapefruit Salad

When we were travelling in the States Adam picked up a Creole style cooking magazine.  He and I LOVE Creole food but I don’t know the first thing about making it.  Look forward to some of that coming hopefully really soon if it works out for me! One recipe in this magazine that kind of threw me for a loop was this frisée and grapefruit salad.  I mean is that the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cajun cuisine?  Certainly isn’t for me, but it looked so fresh and summery that I couldn’t resist trying it out.  Now this isn’t really my type of salad in that I usually like something heartier. However, as a side dish it is light and refreshing and a great way to add some wonderful, fresh flavours to your meal.


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Cheesey Caramelized Onion Beer Bread

My boyfriend made beer! How cool is that?! I didn’t actually know you could make beer until about a year ago. I must say it turned out quite well and could totally be sold in a liquor store as a hot commodity! I’ve seen a few recipes for beer bread and decided to try one for myself. Since we have an abundance of stout beer, this seemed to be the best opportunity!
Cheesy Caramelized Onion Beer Bread

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Cream of Asparagus Soup

Spring is the best time of year to get fresh asparagus. Did you know there are actually both male and female asparagus? Kinda crazy eh?? The female asparagus are the ones that produce seeds (of course), which make the size of the stalks much smaller than male asparagus. Male asparagus are the ones that are typically bought at your grocery store for consumption. Yep, that’s my fact of the day!

Cream of Asparagus Soup4


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