Overnight Oats: 3 Ways

I am a HUGE breakfast person, and I mean HUGE! I even eat more than my boyfriend in the morning.  I definitely believe that consuming a healthy balanced breakfast is essential to start your day off right! I like everything from eggs, to waffles, to oatmeal! I have never actually tried overnight oats until now, I usually just eat Quaker instant oatmeal (don’t judge me!!). I know they have tons of added sugar and yucky stuff, which is why I usually try and stick to the original ones. I’ve seen so many recipes for overnight oats, and after getting a general idea, decided to make up a couple recipes of my own!

Overnight Oats- 3 Ways1

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Brussels Sprout, Walnut Salad with Chicken

It’s very rare that I will rave about a salad, much less one with brussel sprouts in it. I used to think people who ate salads as a meal were pretentious – I mean who REALLY enjoys eating a full meal of mainly vegetables right? Ever since I fell in love with Mediterranean Quinoa Salad, however, my view on salads has changed drastically. Salads can definitely have as much flavor and fill you up just like any other type of meal. Still, there aren’t very many that I would say I crave. This Brussels sprout, walnut salad is a game changer though. Not only has it given me another salad to add to my regular rotation of meals, it has made me see Brussels sprouts in a whole new light.


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Almond Rosemary Crusted Chicken

I am a pretty big chicken fan, in fact it is one of the only meats I eat on a regular basis.  Let’s be honest though, boneless skinless chicken breast can get really boring after a while.  This is one of my big struggles with chicken, is how to make it taste delicious and not dry out.  Adam has instilled in me a phobia of undercooked chicken.  Of course I always had some concerns about undercooking it, but this guy makes me see pink chicken when there is no pink to be found.  Since dry chicken is one of my biggest pet peeves, this has made it even more difficult for me to cook the stuff.  However, I managed to NOT dry out my chicken this time, and with this delicious crust I was very very happy with the outcome.


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Quinoa Black Bean Salad

Two things that are always in my cupboard are black beans and quinoa. I can honestly tell you that those two make such a great meal, or side to a lovely dinner!  Quinoa has always been one of my favorite grains, I love the texture of the grains and how well it goes with everything you throw at it!  After being on vacation for 2 weeks, I definitely had my fair share of fat-filled foods.  I promised myself I would eat as healthy as I possibly could this week because trust me, my body needs it.  This salad is so light and fresh, it makes for the perfect healthy meal.  Quinoa is packed with protein so you don’t even have to eat a ton to be full!

Quinoa Black Bean Salad

I even put this salad in a wrap with a bit of kale and had it for lunch – SO good!!  I love taking wraps to school because they are super easy to eat while you’re on the go moving from class to class.  Either way, this salad was a huge winner! Continue reading

Cooking Tip: DIY Frozen Dinners

Hello all, this whole vacation thing has really got me in a cooking rut! I just got home last night, had a midterm and school all day, quickly ran to get some fresh fruit and veggies and finally got home! Phew! Please take me back to Hawaii! I know many of you can relate, whether it’s picking your kids up from school, or even working longer hours. A simple trick for an quick and easy meal is to prepare frozen meals (thanks mommy)!! That way, when you know you are not going to have a ton of time for dinner, you can simply pull it out of the freezer, heat it up in the oven, and voila!! Remember that Orecchiette with Kale and Sausage I made about a month back?  Well, we put a little of the left overs in a dish, grated a bit of cheese on top, and Voila! Here is your quick and easy dinner masterpiece!

DIY Frozen Dinners2


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Maple Coconut Roasted Almonds

If you’ve been following our blog for a while you may have noticed that I have posted quite a few roasted almond recipes so far. They are just such a great snack that you can really do a ton with different flavor combinations. I’ve always been a big snacker and not really a big meal-eater.  I remember when I was younger sitting down for a meal felt like a chore.  Sometimes it still feels like that which is a good and bad thing.  It’s a good thing because I’ve always had a good sense of portion control when it comes to meals and a bad thing because, as you can imagine, snacking all the time is definitely not the healthiest habit in the world.  As I have become more self aware I have made it a point to seek out and make healthier snacks for myself.  Almonds are definitely becoming one of my favorites but plain almonds can get really boring after a while.  It just so happens that  it is a proud day for Canada after winning the gold in Men’s hockey this morning, so a maple roasted almond seemed very fitting!


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Jasmine Green Tea Chia Bubble Tea

Living Vancouver means one thing: lots of bubble tea!!! I love bubble tea and have always loved bubble tea. Some people need a long time to get used to the texture but I have always been a fan! I have never actually seen (or looked for) boba pearls, but had an idea for a substitute… Remember my rant about chia seeds seen a few weeks back with Chia Seed Pudding well I’ve found another use for them! They make the perfect little pearls for bubble tea!
Jasmine Green Tea Chia Bubble Tea

These are much smaller “pearls” than the traditional bubble tea, so they make a great alternative for people who are new to bubble tea.

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Frozen Dark Chocolate Banana Bits with Hawaiian Sea Salt

It’s another Fiesta Friday with the Novice Gardener! This time we’re celebrating with some Hawaiian Salt!  My favourite thing about going to Hawaii is bringing back all the lovely sea salts and cane sugars! I found this lovely pink Hawaiian sea salt at the market and instantly started of thinking of new recipes to make. This one was actually inspired by a sample I tried at Costco in Maui. They had packaged frozen dark chocolate bananas for sale, but when I tried it I knew something was missing.  After adding a bit of my new found salt, I knew I had a winner!
Frozen Dark Chocolate Banana Bits with Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Apple and Bacon Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Today was a big day for team Canada as we won gold in both Curling and Hockey (although due to the time change I’m not sure if they technically both happened today, but that’s besides the point)! Unfortunately I was at work so unable to watch most of these events. Actually, if you can believe it, I have yet to watch any of the Olympics at all so far. Being in the Dominican for the first week and not having cable kind of derails any Olympic-watching fun. However, I will still celebrate tonight! How you ask? With bacon, of course. These apple bacon stuffed sweet potatoes are a great mix of sweet/savoury that it feels like a treat to eat. This is a keeper, friends.


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Hump Day Drinks: Recipe Roundup

Okay, I’ll be completely honest with you. I had planned on coming home and making something very delicious tonight and posting it for you all to see and try! Something fabulous has happened in the last week, we now have light at the time that I get home, which makes photo taking so much better! However, I just got home and have some sort of heartburn and headache going on and was not having it. If I didn’t have these ailments do you know what I would be craving? A Hump Day drink! So I’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular drink recipes in hopes to give inspiration for a hump day (or any day really) drink for you.

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